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What You Need To Know When Working For A Bonding Company In Overland Park

Before a trial begins in a court, an accused person (criminal suspect) may want to secure temporary release from custody by depositing a sum of money known as “bail.” Any bonding company in Overland Park would require a fee from an accused person who cannot pay himself. To this end, the percentage of the bail will be put up in form of a surety bond.

If you are looking to work in a bonding company in Overland Park as a bail bondsman, note that there are certain things you must know. First and foremost, you will be working as a representative of the agency. As a bail bond agent, you will have to

    Work along with an accused person and complete bonding paperwork Accept every payment made as bail Track down suspects when they fail to appear in court

Bond Assessment

Assessing defendants’ or their representative’s qualifications for a bond is usually the first step in a bond process. In order to determine whether the suspect will appear in court or is at flight risk, you will have to investigate his background. It’s also your responsibility to assess the suspect’s ability to secure a temporary release from custody and cover the financial recourse should he fail to make himself available in court. If you are satisfied to know that the defendant will appear in court as at when due, then you can decide to provide the surety bond. In some cases, you may be required to participate in aggressive marketing and prospecting for potential clients for your bonding company in Overland Park.


Completing paperwork is the next thing to do. This has to do with accepting the payment of a fee from the defendant after arriving at a positive bond decision. To ensure formal execution of the bond, the paperwork will be filed with the court to precede the defendant’s release from jail. Referred to as “a power of attorney” the document signed by the client gives the bonding agency the right to represent the defendant in court.


As a bondsman, you are required to communicate regularly with your agency even while on the field searching for prospective new clients, arranging meetings with defendants and completing paperwork. Upon the discovery of a new prospect, agents are often contacted by agencies to handle such cases. Since most defendants often seek bail after a agreeing to a set amount, time becomes of the essence. In order to retain employment and collect commission payments, agents are also required to work with time. Usually, they are required to submit sales receipts and paperwork within 24 hours.


As depicted in movies and televisions shows, most people tend to be more familiar with client apprehension than other responsibilities of a bail bond agent. The bond is intended to ensure the suspect’s appearance. A defendant typically owes bail once he fails to appear in court. Generally, an agent will go after any client that fails to appear in court to apprehend him to either bring him back to court or put him in jail.

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