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Bail Bonds Wyandotte County

The trial is the foundation of criminal justice in the United States. The Constitution controls the procedures of the trials, as well as the arrests and the registries. The purpose of the law is to guide the participants, judges, lawyers, and the jury so the accused receives a fair trial and treatment.

One of the procedures that seek to protect the integrity of the defendants is freedom during the trial. The ideal way to obtain it is with what is commonly called “parole”. This consists of signing a document where the defendant promises to appear before the court each time the judge requires it. However, this option is uncommon nowadays.

Liberty Under Bonds

The most common procedure for a defendant to remain at liberty until the trial is through bonds, a right protected by the Constitution of the United States. It’s a guarantee which the judge requests to ensure that the accused will attend the court as many times as necessary. This amount can be canceled in two ways:

Payment of the Guarantee with Own Funds

In this case, the defendants can pay the amount to the court with their own money. They also can use funds that they have asked for from family and friends. In some cases, the courts allow the defendant to pay with a check (instead of cash), or the defendant gives up some property rights of an asset, as a guarantee of the attendance to the trial.

Bail Bonds Companies

If the defendant or the family doesn’t have the assets to cancel the bond, the best option is to have an excellent bail bond agency like Shane’s Bail Bonds. Our company can make the payment for you, helping you (or your relative) to go free until proven guilty. If you are searching for “Bail Bonds in Wyandotte County,” contact us, and we’ll assist you with no time wasted.

This option is particularly useful for you to get fair treatment from the American justice system. In fact, Human Rights Watch expresses its concern regarding the issue of bail bonds in North America in its 2017 report. The report demonstrates how pretrial detention coerces defendants to plead guilty when they are not able to pay bail; all this to go free. With the help of Shane’s, you won’t have to worry about this.

Let Us Assist You

If you have the excellent support of Shane's Bail Bonds, you have the guarantee that you or your loved one will be released, having the necessary funds to pay for their bond. To access our services, you only need to contact us by phone, and we will assist you immediately. We work throughout the day and all through the year.

The procedure to access the bail bond is simple. We are responsible for canceling the amount corresponding to the release of the defendant, making the payment as soon as possible. This will allow relief to the family by having one of their beloved members no longer in prison.

Regarding the rates, you will only cancel a small commission, with a fixed percentage. The final amount does not depend on us; it will vary according to the amount established by the court for the bond.

Easy, fast and effective. Just give us the hard part, and you can concentrate on your defense. If you are looking for the best bail bonds in Wyandotte County, you’re in the right place. Contact Us at 913-829-2245; we’ll gladly assist you.

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