Bail Bond Johnson County

Bail Bonds Johnson County

No one expects it, but at some point, you or someone close to you may have problems with the law. In case of an arrest, the primary objective is only one: how to get out of prison.

Unless something relevant occurs, the simplest way to avoid prison (at least until the trial occurs) is through bail. The bail is usually cash given to the court, as a guarantee that the defendant will appear when the judge requires.

Because it is a guarantee, if the defendant complies with all the presentations and requirements of the judge, they will return the money at the end of the trial. Keep in mind that if the person (you or your relative) doesn’t comply with these requirements, the court will keep the money, and will issue an arrest warrant, which means going back to jail.

How is the Amount of the Bond Determined?

In many cases, for ordinary crimes, prisons and police departments usually have a board that stipulates the amount to be paid as collateral according to the fault. If this isn’t the case, the accused must wait to see a judge, so that the judge can state the amount. Once the amount is established, the defendant may be released once they deliver the requested money.

What Happens if You Don’t Have Enough Money For the Bond?

When the detainee doesn't have money to cover the bond, they can choose two options. First, they can ask the judge to reduce the amount to pay. For this, they can request a unique audience, or wait for the first trial session. The problem with this option is simple: more time in jail.

The second option is to go to a reputable bail agency, such as Shane's Bail Bonds. These specialized services will make the economic contribution for you or your relative, to achieve the much-desired freedom. If you require bail bonds in Johnson County contact us, we can assist you 24/7, 365 days a year.

What if the Judge Determines an Excessive Amount of Money?

The Constitution of the United States, through its eighth amendment, protects you. This amendment prohibits judges from setting excessive amounts of bonds against citizens. This legislation is made in the first place to prevent the government from enriching itself with the collection of bonds. Second, the law prevents courts from punishing a defendant excessively by placing an unattainable amount of security.

In some cases, judges place high bail, but they are cases of major crimes. The most common of these are homicide, drug trafficking, or some crime that merits a real guarantee of presentation of the accused. In any case, the most advisable thing is to receive the advice of experts in the field such as Shane's Bail Bonds, in conjunction with the defense attorney.

We are the Best Bail Bonds in Johnson County

If you urgently need advice for any crime that you or one of your loved ones has committed or funds to cover the bond, we are ready to provide the necessary assistance. We are the leaders in bail bonds in Johnson County, helping thousands of families to bring legal proceedings without the anguish of having a family member inside a prison. We accept most credit cards, and our goal is to help you in the difficult times. Contact us at 913-829-2245.

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