Bail Bond Company Overland Park

Steps To Work With A Bail Bond Company In Overland Park, Kansas.

A family member or friend has been arrested. if this is happening for the first time, you might have no idea on what to do.

In Overland Park, Topeka, Wichita or Kansas City, the process is similar. Bail bonds companies follow the regulations set by the state justice system.

The bail bonds system resulted from the practice of common law. It is the posting of money of property for temporary release. The US and Philippines are the only countries that practice a modern version of it.

What happens after an arrest

When an arrest has been made. The offender is taken to overland county jail. The defendant as the person will now be referred, will be charged to court and will be brought in front of a judge. The time between an arrest, booking process, and appearance before a Judge may vary.

The judge sets the trial date and sets the bail. The bail amount is set depending on the severity of the crime. For a minor incident, the defendant may be released on their own recognizance.

When a person is released on their own recognizance they do not have to pay bail and are free to go home. They will still have to return to the court if a trial date had been set.

In a more severe instance, no bail might be charged. The defendant will not be released and will be remanded in custody.

Individuals who are arrested before the weekend or before a holiday, are likely to be remanded in jail till the end of the holiday. The courts do not work during weekends and holidays.

Bail has been set what next

When the defendant has been granted bail, they are left with three choices.

    Pay the bail in cash to the court Locate a bonds man who will put up the bail amount Remain in jail if unable to meet any of the other options.

Kansas state insurance department law states that a bail bond company in Overland Park is allowed to charge the defendant 10% of the bail amount. This means if the bail has been set at $20000, $2000 will be charged by the bonds. The 10% paid to the bonds man is non refundable. If the defendant chooses this option, the bonds man will be held responsible for the appearance of the defendant for trial.

If the defendant is unable to come up with the bond charge, negotiation may be reached with the bonds man. The defendant may have to provide collateral or agree on a payment plan with the bail bond company in Overland Park.

What happens if a defendant doesn't make their court appearance

In the absence of the defendant in court at the set date. The bail bonds man or company will have to produce the defendant or lose the bail that has been paid to the court.

The bail bonds man may have to locate and produce the defendant by himself. The bonds company may also decide to use the service of a bounty hunter. A bounty hunter charges a fee. They are usually individuals with law enforcement experience. They track and apprehend defaulters. Bounty hunters are outlawed in some states, in Kansas, their services are legal.

At this point, the job of the bonds man has been concluded. Exempting unique scenarios, the defendant is not required to make any new payments to the bonds company.

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